About This Website

This is the personal website of myself, Cesar J Ruiz de Castilla, a rising IB Senior at Annapolis High School. In this website, you will find information about not only me, but about certain projects, ideas, and personal endeavors that I am (or will be) working on. If you are a potential employer, my Resume […]

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The Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils (CRASC) is a student lobbying organization in Anne Arundel County which advocates for and promotes the interests of the students. They work closely with the Student Member of the Board (SMOB), as well as the Board of Education and other legislators to influence and shape legislation. I recently […]

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Hispanic Heritage Night

Hispanic Heritage Night was an idea that I conceived, in collaboration with the rest of Spanish National Honors Society, when I was president of the chapter. It was proposed in a meeting late September for Hispanic Heritage Month and was scheduled for mid-October, giving the entire chapter about three weeks to work on it. The […]

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Immigrant Support Program

This is purely an idea that I have and that I have not yet had the time to actively work on, but that I am definitely pursuing. Annapolis High School has a very heavy Hispanic population (about a third of the school) and much of that population are immigrants from another country. In fact, this […]

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